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Pre-order AL1CE "Drink Me" Tea (2023 Refresh)

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We partnered with Justin Bastian of St. Bastians Tea Company to create this refresh of our most popular AL1CE tea: "Drink Me". We have worked with Justin for almost a decade in collaboration with the Sypher Arts Collective, the organization that puts on the Labyrinth of masquerade Ball in Los Angeles every year. Justin approached us with an inspired idea; he had the perfect vision for what AL1CE tea should taste like. He brewed up a prototype batch for us and we were hooked since.

This is for a 1oz packet of AL1CE handcrafted tea. Made in collaboration with St. Bastian’s Tea Co.

This tea contains the following ingredients: Pu Erh Tea, Chocolate, Orange, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, & Cornflower