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"As Above" Compact Disc

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Every creation is a marker of a chapter…this one being particularly challenging and one in which we feel immense gratitude and love for our community. While the world at large was in upheaval, we held on tightly to one another, reminding each other of the vital importance of kindness and the need to make art…with heart. Thank you, thank you, our dear Mad Hatter Army for being the pulse in the heart of our family. For your continued support, your wonderful wacky weirdness, and your unabashed commitment to be madly…yourselves. We love you and salute you.

A very special thank you to our compatriots in our creations. Clint Carney, Xris Smack, Avi Ghosh, Statik, kaRin, Sean Beavan, Juliette Beavan, Nero Bellum, Bryan Forrest, Lennon Hobson, Sheena Leigh, Kasmira Buchanan, Marlon Pelayo, Nichelle Bane, Rachel Lee, Chelsea Corbett, Praheme Ricks, Kat Philbin. Thank you so very much for sharing your brilliance, creativity, and friendship with us.

Finally, a deep thank you to the band that surrounds me as we evolve, grow, laugh, cry, and grow some more together. I am so very grateful for your kindredship as we continue to journey down this rabbit hole together.