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"Electrical: Reimagination" Compact Disc

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This album is a collection of some AMAZING remixes of our song ELECTRICAL. Released over a period of six weeks, this album is the culmination of many months of work and collaboration.

This album features remixes by the following artists:
Collide, 8mm, I:Scintilla, Nero Bellum/Psyclon Nine, Art Vs. Industry/Avi Ghosh and Xris SMack!

"Army Of Me" written by Bjork, licensed via Distrokid/HFA
1. Electrical (Collide remix)
2. Electrical (I:Scintilla remix)
3. Electrical [ft. Sean Beavan] (8mm remix)
4. Electrical (Nero Bellum remix)
5. Electrical (Art vs. Industry mix) [Avi Ghosh remix]
6. Electrical (Xris SMack! Mindswerve Electrode Mix)
7. Army Of Me