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AL1CE "The Everything" Bundle 🔥

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This is it... the ultimate way to support us and take home a literal truckload of AL1CE merch... Our EVERYTHING BUNDLE!!!  Literally, every single thing that we have is included.

Make sure to click and browse to see what you're getting.

  • Both Starter Packs!!  ($30)
  • Our VIP Bundle - includes the MAD HATTER ARMY t-shirt and everything listed on the page.  Check it out here to see what you will get. ($60)
  • 1 Year Inner Circle membership - that's right! You'll get an inner circle membership for 1 year.  This also includes the exclusive Inner Circle T-Shirt 🔥 ($97)
  • Entire *signed* Alice Project Discography on physical Compact Disc  
    Get a chance to own every single CD that we've ever collectively put out, for every band that we are in (limited by stock and supplies available):
    - Every AL1CE Album (4 albums)
    - Every Mankind Is Obsolete Album (4 albums)
    - The singular Alice Underground album

    That is 9 albums total, each of them signed. ($100)
  • Additional T-Shirts - in addition to the T-Shirts that we offer with our VIP bundle and Inner Circle bundle, you will also get our "As Above, So Below" shirt design, as well as our Thirteenth Hour design ($80)
  • Both Hoodie Designs - this is our x3non hoodie - comes in both a lightweight red design and our all black design. ($130)
  • The Alice Project Master Skeleton Key - get every single piece of music in digital form on a custom branded AL1CE key! ($100)
  • Tash's Children Book (signed) - Tash wrote and published her own Children's book!  ($25)
  • Both AL1CE Teas! Do you know we have our own Tea Line?  We have both the "Dream Me" and "Drink Me" teas.  Each are delicious in their own special way... You have to try them!!
  • Additional AL1CE Stickers - we'll include 2 sets of each of our stickers. ($30)
  • Flight preview comic -  we're creating our own comic book universe called "Flight"!  ($2)
  • Thirteenth Hour DVD + Box Set - this is extremely limited but we have 1 or 2 left!  We made a full DVD out of all of the music videos we released for The Thirteenth Hour.  As well, we hand made special limited edition box sets that are each unique in their own way.  Additionally, we'll get the whole band to sign it. ($60)